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"Hold me my love, hold me today, call me round.
Travel we say, wander we choose, love tune.
Lay upon me, hold me around lasting hours.
We love when we play.

We hear a sound and alter our returning.
We drift the shadows and course our way on home.
Flying home.
Going home."

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Disclaimer: This fan comic is based on the comics Chubby Summer and Diet Cruise which were created by LordStormCaller. I claim no ownership of Chubby Summer, Diet Cruise or any of its characters. This fan comic is solely for the purposes of entertainment with no intention for financial profit. I would like to thank LordStormCaller for creating Chubby Summer and Diet Cruise, as well as his other works.

The Sweet (Re)Treat
Chapter 12
A Fan Fiction by hitop211
For LordStormCaller


Not normal to their schedule, Reika and Elizabeth arrive a couple of minutes late to the studio. They expected to receive a word for their tardiness, but upon entering the studio they notice that Natsumi is not present.

“Huh… That’s the second day in a row that Natsumi’s been late,” says Elizabeth curiously. “I wonder what’s up.”

“Yeah, I know… Well, she didn’t give us any problems for starting without her so how about we get to it?” proclaims Reika.

“Sure. Did you have any ideas for the photo shoot?” asks Elizabeth anxiously.

“Hmmm…” ponders Reika as she shifts her eyes upward, then comes up with a solution. “I know. How about we do a photo shoot with the both of us together?” she proposes.

“Hey, that’s a great idea,” exclaims Elizabeth. “And I was just thinking about doing a photo shoot in pajamas while sitting on a bed. How about we do that?” she says, looking into Reika’s eyes.

“Oooohhh, I like that,” says Reika, embracing her girlfriend. “Sounds pretty sexy,” she says seductively, to which she and Elizabeth repeatedly kiss each other’s lips.

“Well,” begins Elizabeth, while kissing Reika. “We should find something to wear before we take this any further,” she suggests.

“Oh yeah,” says Reika chuckling. “Let’s do that,” she concludes.

Reika and Elizabeth promptly make their way to the wardrobe and shift through the clothes until they find a matching pair of pajamas for the both of them. “This looks perfect,” says Reika excitedly. “But let me see how it fits.”

Reika slips her chubby arms through the tight fitting sleeves and tugs the shirt from both sides to button it up, but it fails to reach over her soft and plushy belly. “Oh great. Am I too fat for this as well?” says Reika, to which she gives her flabby gut a single slap which causes it to jiggle. Not willing to give up, she takes a deep breath to suck in her massive paunch and one by one manages to successfully button up her shirt. However, as soon as she exhales the buttons immediately pop from her shirt and her doughy fat bulges out. Reika closes her eyes and snickers to herself, then out of nowhere she feels Elizabeth grabbing handfuls of her soft and squishy belly.

“Oh my. Are you getting too fat for all of these clothes, my lovely?” says Elizabeth as she rubs her cheek into the red-haired chubby girl’s plushy fat.

“Oh, jeez. Not this again,” says Reika, rolling her eyes in disbelief. “Shouldn’t we be getting… Ooohh… Elizabeth… Heheh…” she says with her head leaned back and eyes closed as she feels her girlfriend kissing her belly. After a moment Reika opens her eyes and shakes her head to come to her senses. “Uh… Anyway… We should get back to business here if we’re going to do the photo shoot,” she proclaims.

“Oh… Right,” says Elizabeth, giggling as she shifts focus back getting dressed.

Reika begins putting on her pajama pants, but is interrupted when she reaches her growing plump rear. She gives her pants a couple of more tugs, but they fail to slip over her massive jiggling butt. As Elizabeth finishes getting dressed in her pajamas, she takes notice of her girlfriend struggling to get into her pajama pants and looks in adoration. “Uh oh. Don’t tell me your butt’s getting too big as well,” she teases seductively, to which she gives Reika’s soft bubble bottom a single playful slap.

As a natural reflex, Reika jiggles her blubber butt and immediately gets an idea. “Hey, wait! Before we get our picture taken together, how about you take a picture of me doing this?” she suggests to which she shakes her round and jiggly rump which wobbles uncontrollably.

“Oooohhh, yes! I would love to do that,” says Elizabeth excitedly. “I’ll get the camera ready.”

Reika gets into position with her back toward the camera, while looking into the lens as she holds her pajama pants underneath her plump rear.

“Alright Reika,” begins Elizabeth, standing behind the camera. “Now shake that sexy lard ass of yours!”

Without delay, Reika wiggles her hips with intensity and causes her massive butt to wobble and jiggle uncontrollably. At this point, Elizabeth begins taking endless pictures as her girlfriend looks seductively into the camera while jiggling her enormous rump. After a while longer, Natsumi walks into the studio without either of them noticing.

“What are you two doing?” asks Natsumi nonchalantly.

Reika suddenly stops jiggling her butt as she and Elizabeth immediately jolt their heads toward the pink-haired girl looking stunned. Reika then frantically slips her pajama pants over plump rear. “Ummm… Uh… Waiting for you, Natsumi,” she answers nervously.

For a moment, Natsumi looks at Reika deadpan. “Well, I see you’ve got the place set up. And you’re both wearing the same outfit. So how about I take a picture of both of you sitting on the bed?” she suggests.

“Oh… Uh… Sure,” answers Elizabeth, looking surprised.

As Reika and Elizabeth make their way to the bed, the red-haired chubby girl immediately feels her pajama pants chafe her legs. “Ooohh… I didn’t realize how tight these were…” says Reika to herself, as she places her hands over her growing rump. “Especially right here,” she continues, gently patting her jiggling butt with both hands. As Reika carefully seats herself on the edge of the bed, she shifts her eyes down toward her massive gut as it rests on her lap. “Oh yeah. I can’t forget about this,” she says to herself as she sucks in her gut and buttons up her shirt. Realizing that her shirt is too small for her, Reika places one hand over her soft and doughy belly in order to keep the buttons together while keeping her gut sucked in as much as possible.

As Natsumi continues getting the camera ready, Elizabeth scooches next to her girlfriend and leans over to offer a suggestion. “Hey Reika,” whispers Elizabeth seductively. “I’ll bring some desserts for you tonight if you do me a favor for this photo shoot,” she explains.

“What’s that?” asks Reika curiously.

“Would you… poke your own belly while getting our pictures taken?” requests Elizabeth.

“G’Huh? Why would I want to do that?” asks Reika awkwardly.

“Would you do it, please? For me at least? I promise to bring some really good desserts tonight to make up for not bringing any last night. Okay?” pleads Elizabeth.

Reika looks into her girlfriend’s sparkling eyes. “Well… Alright. I’ll do this for you… And for the desserts,” confirms Reika.

“Okay girls!” begins Natsumi, which gets Reika and Elizabeth’s attention. “Give me a good pose… And… Into the lens,” she instructs to which she begins taking pictures.

While looking into the camera, Reika begins poking into her soft and squishy fat to which she chuckles as it begins tickling her. At this point Natsumi pauses taking pictures for a moment.

“Is everything alright?” asks Natsumi curiously.

“Y… Yeah. I’m fine,” answers Reika, looking slightly flustered. ‘I’m not that ticklish, am I?’ she thinks to herself.

As Natsumi resumes taking pictures, Reika then pokes deeper into her plushy belly, which tickles her even more and causes her to giggle even louder. Natsumi stops and steps aside.

“What’s going on here Reika?” asks Natsumi, looking confused. “Is something funny?”

“Huh? Oh… Uhhh… Well, during one of the seminars I received some advice on how to keep your smile by thinking of something funny. But I suppose I was just thinking of something too funny,” explains Reika nervously.

“Uh huh…” replies Natsumi, with a blank stare on her face. “Well, let’s finish the photo shoot here,” she instructs as she steps back to the camera and continues taking pictures.

After a moment, Reika then thrusts her index finger as deep into her doughy fat as she can, while keeping her eyes locked onto the camera. She clenches her lips as she tries too hard to contain her laughter as the sensation of poking her belly tickles her even more than ever. After a lengthy moment, Reika quickly retracts her finger from deep within her soft and doughy fat, which quickly bulges out and pops the buttons from her shirt as it can no longer contain her massive paunch. At this point, Reika laughs boisterously from tickling herself as she catches her breath and sighs in relief.

“Alright. Nice work, ladies. I think we’re done for today,” says Natsumi, slightly annoyed as she begins putting away the equipment.

As Reika and Elizabeth make their way to the dressing room and undress out of their pajamas, the blue-haired girl makes a startling discovery and begins snickering to herself. “Oh my goodness,” says Elizabeth. “Reika, do you realize that you’ve ripped your pants!?” she exclaims, laughing out loud while pointing out the crimson-haired fat girl’s plump rear.

“You’re joking, right?” responds Reika as she shifts her eyes toward her blubber butt, and suddenly her eyes widen as she observes a large rip down the middle of her pants which exposes her jiggling rump. “Oh my gosh… My butt really is getting too big for all of these clothes,” she says, chuckling to herself as she wiggles her hips. Reika then slips out of her pajama pants.

“Looks like it’s starting to catch up to your belly,” says Elizabeth, gently patting her girlfriend’s soft bubble bottom. “Well, you’ve definitely earned those desserts for tonight. Shall we head to lunch?” she asks as she embraces Reika.

“Sounds like a great idea,” answers Reika, to which she and Elizabeth kiss deeply and passionately before making their way out of the studio.

As Natsumi finishes putting the equipment away she quickly walks out of the studio, to which Reika once again catches a glimpse of something unusual about the pink-haired girl.

‘Wait a minute. Yesterday Natsumi looked like she was putting on a bit of a belly, but today she had a pretty slim waist,’ Reika thinks to herself in confusion. ‘Maybe I was just seeing things, but why were her legs so… thick?’ she continues in deep thought.


The red-haired chubby girl snaps back to reality.

“Is there something wrong?” asks Elizabeth concerned. “You look like you were thinking about something again.”

Reika looks into Elizabeth’s blue eyes for a moment and smiles. “Yeah. I’m fine,” she answers. “I was… thinking about what to eat today… Other than the usual pizza and burger with fries,” concludes Reika happily while patting her soft and doughy belly.

At this point Reika and Elizabeth share a laugh and kiss as they make their way to the spa for lunch.

So... Who's listened to the album "To The Bone" by Steven Wilson yet? I finally got around to it myself, and I enjoyed it. Anyone else want to chime in?
Nah, just kidding. Sorry if I've pulled the rug underneath your feet for "that time again."

As I’ve reached passed the half way point for The Sweet (Re)Treat, I figured I’d let y’all know what’s happening in my neck of the woods. While I’ve completed my graduate studies and obtained my Master’s degree, I’m not completely finished with my studies yet. I’ll be pursuing post-baccalaureate studies of sorts to accommodate my field of study.

It won’t take nearly as long as it did to get my Master’s degree, nor will it be as strenuous(thank goodness), but it will be a priority until it’s complete. So that means that the upcoming pages for The Sweet (Re)Treat won’t be uploaded on a more frequent basis as I would like for them to be.

But not to worry. I have the game plans for the upcoming chapters, so at least it’s not like I’ve hit a complete roadblock in the writing process. And I’m not putting a complete stop on the creative process as I pursue my post-baccalaureate studies, so keep your eyes peeled.

In closing, thank you for your continued support, for reading, viewing, watching and adding to your favorites.

Now… Sing it! “Yesterday a morning came, a smile upon your face. Caesar’s palace, morning glory, silly human race. On a sailing ship to nowhere, leaving any place. If the summer change to winter, yours is no disgrace.”
"And you and I climb over the sea to the valley.
And you and I reached out for reasons to call."

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Disclaimer: This fan comic is based on the comics Chubby Summer and Diet Cruise which were created by LordStormCaller. I claim no ownership of Chubby Summer, Diet Cruise or any of its characters. This fan comic is solely for the purposes of entertainment with no intention for financial profit. I would like to thank LordStormCaller for creating Chubby Summer and Diet Cruise, as well as his other works.

The Sweet (Re)Treat
Chapter 11
A Fan Fiction by hitop211
For LordStormCaller


After the seminar for the B.B.W.M.P.R. the girls treat themselves to dinner at the restaurant, to which the Reika stuffs herself with a slice of pizza, a bacon double cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake, cookies, and ice cream. After dinner, she and Elizabeth walk back together and make a stop by Elizabeth’s hotel room while embracing each other.

“So Reika,” begins Elizabeth, looking into Reika’s eyes. “You want me to come to your hotel room here in a little bit? I have a surprise for you,” she says flirtatiously.

“Oh, a surprise. This sounds interesting. Sure. I’ll keep the door to my hotel room unlocked and I’ll see you in a little bit,” says Reika seductively to which they both kiss.

As Elizabeth walks into her hotel room, Reika promptly makes her way back to her room to shower and dress into some lingerie. She grabs her bath robe and starts putting it on, but stops herself. “Wait a minute,” says Reika. “What am I going to wear this for anyway? To conceal my fat? I’m not so insecure about showing off my chubby figure anymore, so why wear this thing? I think I’ve proven my point,” she proudly concludes, to which she hangs up her bath robe. As soon as she seats herself on the couch and rests her massive gut on her lap, Elizabeth enters the room with a duffle bag in hand.

“Hey you,” greets Reika lustfully to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth sits close to Reika, feeling her girlfriend’s soft thighs rub delicately against hers. “Hey babe,” replies Elizabeth to which both girls embrace each other and kiss. “So how’s my dough girl? Are you still feeling full from dinner?” she asks, gently rubbing Reika’s belly. “Because I think you ate just as much as you did yesterday.”

“Yeah, I did,” answers Reika, looking at her stuffed gut. “But I’m not as uncomfortable as yesterday. Actually, I feel like I’m getting used to eating so much. Seems like I’m becoming a real fat piggy,” she says patting her full tummy, while lovingly looking into Elizabeth’s eyes.

“Oh, I like the sound of that,” says Elizabeth in adoration. “So do you want to see what I brought as a surprise?” she asks while tickling Reika’s belly which cause her to giggle.

“Sure,” says Reika to which both girls kiss deeply and passionately.

Elizabeth excitedly reaches into her bag and pulls out her high school uniform, which has gotten too small for her. “Okay Reika, let’s see you put this on,” says Elizabeth, handing Reika her uniform.

“W… Wait, this is your surprise? You want me to put on your high school uniform?” says Reika awkwardly. “If you can’t fit into that, then you know I can’t.”

“Oh I know, but I want to see you in a school girl uniform that’s too small. I think it would look very sexy on you,” says Elizabeth flirtatiously.

“Well… Alright,” says Reika, rolling her eyes while shaking her head. “Although I was expecting a dessert,” she says to herself.

Reika first slips on the Elizabeth’s skirt which gradually feels tighter as she pulls it over her fat thighs, and suddenly stops as soon as it reaches her massive jiggling butt. She carefully drags the skirt over her plump rear and barely fastens the waistband which squeezes underneath her soft and doughy belly, leaving her short of breath.

“Okay… I’ve got it… And now… Your shirt…” says Reika while huffing and panting before proceeding to grab Elizabeth’s shirt.

After Reika slides her flabby arms into the tight long sleeves of Elizabeth’s shirt, she tugs it over her massive belly to button it but fails to reach them. Reika stops for a moment to catch her breath and wipe the sweat from her forehead.

“I’m not so sure that I can button this up, Elizabeth. I’m too fat for you shirt,” explains Reika, huffing and panting.

Reika sucks in her plushy fat and makes another attempt to button up her shirt to no avail. “Elizabeth… I’m too fat,” she says, giving her flabby gut a single playful slap which causes it to jiggle.

“Well, let me help you,” says Elizabeth, grabbing both sides of her shirt that Reika is wearing.

While Reika sucks in her gut, both she and Elizabeth pull the shirt over the red-haired girl’s soft and squishy belly. As Reika feels Elizabeth’s fingertips dig into her doughy fat and tickle her, she exhales and giggles while her soft paunch bulges out making the shirt impossible to button up.

“Suck it in, Reika,” says Elizabeth snickering as she playfully pokes Reika’s belly repeatedly.

“Well, stop tickling me,” responds Reika giggling.

Reika takes her deepest breath and holds it, while she and Elizabeth pull the shirt over her belly and manage to successfully button up the uniform. As Reika exhales to catch her breath, her massive gut bursts out and pops the buttons on her girlfriend’s uniform. For a moment, Reika and Elizabeth stare at her bulging fat belly as it hangs over the skirt.

“Aww… Look at how fat you’ve gotten,” says Elizabeth in adoration, to which she caresses Reika’s soft and squishy belly with both hands and rubs her cheek into. “I like how it makes my uniform way too small for you,” she continues, repeatedly kissing Reika’s deep naval.

Reika closes her eyes and leans her head back as she feels turned on by Elizabeth’s kissing her belly. “Eheheh… I… Like that, Elizabeth… It feels… So nice… Keep doing that…” says Reika pleasurably.

Elizabeth pulls back and excitedly looks directly into Reika’s soft and doughy fat. “Oh, did you hear that my lovely?” says Elizabeth, talking to her girlfriend’s flabby gut. “She likes it when I play with you. Isn’t that so great?” she says while kissing Reika’s belly.

Reika opens her eyes and looks confused as she shifts her eyes toward Elizabeth. “Huh? Who are you talking to?” she asks awkwardly.

Elizabeth looks up into Reika’s eyes. “Hmmm? Oh, I’m talking to your belly. I call it my ‘lovely.’ During the seminar another participant, Kanako, discussed with me the idea of talking to fat bellies to bond with them. When she gained weight, her boyfriend would talk to her belly and give it a name. And now she talks to her own belly,” she continues to explain while kissing Reika’s belly.

“Oh my gosh,” says Reika to herself as she rolls her eyes in disbelief. “This sounds like the idea of pregnant women talking to their unborn children for the same reason,” she explains.

“Oh, it is,” replies Elizabeth. “I really liked the idea when I first heard about it. It’s so cute. And I figure that if I keep doing this, then soon enough you’ll be talking to your belly,” she explains to Reika. “Isn’t that right, my lovely?” says Elizabeth to Reika’s belly, which she tickles and causes her to giggle.

“Well then… If my belly is your ‘lovely,’ then what does that make me?” asks Reika curiously while undressing out of Elizabeth’s uniform..

Elizabeth thinks for a moment, then stands up and looks deep into Reika’s eyes as she embraces her. “You’re my fat piggy dough girl,” answers Elizabeth lovingly as she caresses her girlfriend’s belly.

Both girls kiss each other deeply and passionately, as Reika wraps her arms around Elizabeth’s shoulders while she feels her girlfriend caressing her soft and doughy belly. After a moment, she kisses Elizabeth’s neck repeatedly, while her blue-haired lover glides her hands across Reika’s lower back. Looking into the full length mirror, Elizabeth immediately takes notice of the skimpiness of Reika’s panties over her jiggly butt.

“Reika… Are you wearing a thong?” asks Elizabeth, looking lustfully at Reika’s plump rear.

Reika pulls back and looks into Elizabeth’s eyes in confusion. “Wha? N… No… Why do you… H-hey, what are you doing!?” says Reika, feeling a surprising sensation of her underwear being pulled tightly in between her butt cheeks.

“Well, then it looks like you’re getting to pudgy for your panties Reika,” says Elizabeth seductively as she continues tugging Reika’s underwear which causes her to giggle. Elizabeth let’s go of Reika’s panties and slides her hands over her girlfriend’s bubbly rump, which are too small for the red-haired chubby girl’s growing rear, and begins caressing. “Oooohhh, look at how big your butt has gotten. It’s so huge. I think I know where else my donuts have been settling,” says Elizabeth as her fingertips sink deeper into Reika’s soft bubble bottom.

“I was thinking the same thing earlier this week…” says Reika to which her breathing becomes more intense. At this point, she feels the familiar pleasurable tingling sensation in her blubber butt which Elizabeth repeatedly squeezes. “Mmmm… Now this I like… When you grab my fat ass like that and tease for being such a fat piggy dough girl that I am… Mmmmhhh… Please don’t stop…” requests Reika while feeling electrified.

After fondling Reika’s plump rear for a while, Elizabeth then begins playfully slapping her jiggly rump. “Oh my goodness. Did you see how much your butt jiggles when I slap it?” says Elizabeth flirtatiously. “I think you’re more deserving of the nickname ‘Blubber Butt’ than my sister. What do you think of that, Blubber Butt?” she asks, giving Reika’s jiggly butt another slap.

“Oh I know, right…?” says Reika as she breathes heavily. “How about I jiggle my lard ass every time you smack it…? Oooohhh… I would love that…” she moans while wiggling her hips and causing her butt to jiggle.

“I would love that too, Blubber Butt,” replies Elizabeth lustfully, looking deep into Reika’s eyes and giving her a kiss.

Without hesitation, Elizabeth slaps Reika’s growing rear to which she responds by shaking her bubbly rump and causing it to wobble and jiggle uncontrollably. At this point, both girls become completely aroused and their hearts race even faster. They repeat this pattern several times until a ringtone chimes on Elizabeth’s cell phone, to which the blue-haired chubby girl huffs and rolls her eyes in frustration.

“Oh, come on Becky,” says Elizabeth annoyed. “Maybe I should stop taking my phone with me to your room,” she says while shaking her head.

“Well… I suppose it is getting late…” begins Reika, catching her breath. “Perhaps you should get back to your hotel room… We can always pick up where we left off another night…” she explains while looking into Elizabeth’s eyes lovingly.

“Well… Alright then,” replies Elizabeth smiling. “Good night, babe. I’ll see you tomorrow,” she says, to which she and Reika kiss deeply and passionately. After a moment, Elizabeth then rubs her face into Reika’s soft and plushy belly while grabbing handfuls of her doughy fat. “And you have a good night too, my lovely,” she says to Reika’s belly, to which she gives a good night kiss. Reika then graciously leads Elizabeth out of the hotel room.

With her hotel room back to herself, Reika looks at her massive hanging belly. She smiles as she closes her eyes and lightly shakes her head at the thought of her girlfriend talking to her tummy. “Well, I guess Elizabeth really likes my belly,” she says to herself while gently rubbing her flabby gut. “But hey, I really like my belly too,” she says cheerfully, while patting her soft and jiggly fat.

Reika makes her way to her bed, but pauses for a moment. Looking into the full length mirror, Reika bends forward at a slight angle and begins wiggling her hips which causes her blubber butt to jiggle. She stops and giggles as her huge bubble bottom continues jiggling and eventually stops. Reika then shakes her big booty with more intensity as it wobbles and jiggles uncontrollably. She keeps jiggling her butt for a minute until she stops and laughs boisterously as her massive rump jiggles on its own for a moment and finally stops. Reika takes a deep breath.

“And I really like my blubber butt,” says Reika happily, patting her growing rear with both hands as it jiggles.

Reika climbs into her bed where she tucks herself under her covers and drifts off to sleep.

"Even Siberia goes through the motions. Hold out and hold up. Hold down the window(Outbound, river). Hold out the morning that comes into view(Bluetail, tailfly). River running right on over my head."

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Disclaimer: This fan comic is based on the comics Chubby Summer and Diet Cruise which were created by LordStormCaller. I claim no ownership of Chubby Summer, Diet Cruise or any of its characters. This fan comic is solely for the purposes of entertainment with no intention for financial profit. I would like to thank LordStormCaller for creating Chubby Summer and Diet Cruise, as well as his other works.

The Sweet (Re)Treat
Chapter 10
A Fan Fiction by hitop211
For LordStormCaller


As Reika and Elizabeth arrive at their studio on time, they notice that Natsumi is conspicuously absent.

“Hmmm…” begins Reika, looking around. “Natsumi’s usually on time. It’s not like her to be late,” she explains in confusion.

“You’re right,” agrees Elizabeth. “Well, we know how to get everything set up. Maybe we can get a head start,” she suggests.

“Sounds like a plan,” says Reika. “And I have an idea for a theme for today’s photo shoot,” she says eagerly as she rushes over to the wardrobe and presents an outfit to her girlfriend.

“Oktoberfest?” says Elizabeth, slightly tilting her head to one side.

“Yeah! I think this would look really sexy on us. And it would give an excuse to eat some strudel while getting out pictures taken,” says Reika excitedly.

“Ummm… Where are we going to get strudel?” asks Elizabeth in confusion.

“Oh, I ordered a couple dozen at the restaurant and requested them to be delivered here,” explains Reika.

After Reika and Elizabeth get the studio ready for the photo shoot, Natsumi enters wearing a bright pink sweatshirt and matching sweatpants. In each of her hands are a two bags each with a box of a dozen strudel.

“Hey, sorry I’m late,” says Natsumi with a huff. “Did either one of you girls order strudel? My brother handed me these from the restaurant where he’s working part time and asked me to bring them here,” she explains in confusion.

“Oh, that was me,” explains Reika. “I’m interested in doing an Oktoberfest theme for this photo shoot, and I wanted to include us holding a couple of plates of strudel. Is that going to be a problem?” she asks innocently.

Natsumi gives Reika a blank stare for a few seconds. “N… No, it’s not a problem. I was just surprised that I had to bring strudel to the studio. Okay, let’s get started,” she says, setting down the boxes of strudel.

“How would you like to go first Elizabeth?” asks Reika seductively. “I’ll put the strudel on two plate, and you hold one in each hand. How’s that?” she suggests.

“Alright. I’ll go get ready,” says Elizabeth as she makes her way to get into her outfit.

Reika opens the boxes of freshly baked strudel and closes her eyes as she breathes in the sweet aroma, leaving her mouth watering. “Mmmm… That smells so good,” says Reika quietly to herself as she stacks the two dozen pastries among two plates. She grabs the last strudel from the box, scans the room to make sure nobody is looking in her direction, and slowly eats the pastry in hand as she enjoys the rich taste of the glazed flaky crust and sweetened caramelized apples. “Mmmmhhh… I don’t think Elizabeth will notice the difference,” she whispers with a mouthful of strudel.

“Okay Reika. I’m ready,” announces Elizabeth proudly.

As Reika brings the two plates of strudel to Elizabeth, she stops in her place as she gazes at her girlfriend wearing a skimpy white blouse that displays an abundant amount of cleavage and a short, green skirt that is partially covered by her hanging belly. Reika stares lustfully for a moment before she snaps herself back into reality. “And here you go, Elizabeth,” says Reika as she hands her girlfriend the towering plates of strudel.

Elizabeth looks into Reika’s eyes with a particularly sinister expression. “Thank you, Reika,” she says with a one-sided grin, to which the red-haired fat girl takes notice.

Reika makes her way to the camera to get a clear shot of Elizabeth, and begins taking pictures while her blue-haired girlfriend strikes a pose with two plates of strudel in hand. Several photographs later, Natsumi instructs the girls to switch places. Reika gets herself dressed into her outfit, to which her white blouse looks even skimpier and shows more cleavage than Elizabeth. Her green skirt appears much shorter, and her belly protrudes farther and hangs lower than that of her girlfriend. Elizabeth stares at Reika completely love struck for a moment before regaining her train of thought and taking control of the camera.

“Okay Reika. Let’s do something a little bit different,” says Elizabeth, chuckling to herself. “Put down one of the plates of strudel,” she instructs, to which Reika sets one of the plates to the side while looking confused. “Now let’s pretend that this is an eating contest. You have to eat all of that strudel from the plate,” she says with the same sinister look on her face from earlier.

“G’Huh? I have to eat all of this?” asks Reika awkwardly.

“That’s right. And make it look like you’re enjoying it,” says Elizabeth with the camera ready.

After standing motionless for a brief moment, Reika hesitantly picks up a strudel from her plate and eats it while looking seductively into the camera.

“Very nice Reika. Let’s keep it going. We need as many pictures of you eating strudel as possible,” says Elizabeth, to which Reika looks surprised.

One by one, Reika eats all of the strudel from the plate in her hand while she appears to be enjoying stuffing herself with rich pastries. After eating all of the strudel on her plate, she sets it down and lets out a sigh of relief. “Okay. I think we’ve got it,” says Reika, placing her hands over her stuffed belly. “We’re done.”

“Oh, no we’re not Reika,” says Elizabeth wagging her finger. “We’ve still got more left,” she says pointing to the plate of the remaining strudel, to which the crimson-haired chubby girl smiles nervously.

Reika lethargically picks up the plate full of remaining strudel, grabs a pastry and eats it while doing her best to look affectionately into the camera. Elizabeth takes countless pictures as Reika continues eating strudels one after another until the plate is empty.

At this point, Natsumi stares in disbelief that Reika could eat so much strudel at one time. “Uhhh… I think we’re done for today,” she announces looking stunned as she begins putting the equipment away.

Reika sets the plate down and takes a long, deep breath. “Oooohhh… I’m so full,” she says, gently rubbing her belly. “Why’d you make me eat all of that strudel, Elizabeth?” she says with a hiccup.

“Well, I figured you were going to want more after eating one of them before my photoshoot,” answers Elizabeth, to which Reika looks surprised. “You didn’t think I wouldn’t notice that, did you Reika?” she says moving closer.

Reika shifts her eyes nervously. “Uhhh… Y… Yeah… I did…” answers Reika innocently.

Elizabeth looks into her girlfriends eyes in adoration. “That’s okay. I would have let you eat all of the strudel anyway… Because you’re my fatty,” she says lovingly while tickling Reika’s soft and doughy fat, causing her to giggle to which they both kiss. “Well, it looks like you’ve had a good lunch,” says Elizabeth, rubbing Reika’s full tummy.

“Actually… I still might have lunch later on,” says Reika smiling, gently patting her massive belly. “In the meantime, do you want to go to the spa?” she asks Elizabeth.

“Sounds great,” confirms Elizabeth, giving Reika a kiss.

As Reika and Elizabeth begin walking out of the studio, Natsumi exits out the door. “Hmmm?” says Reika, looking confused as she examines Natsumi carefully and caught a glimpse of something unusual. The crimson-haired chubby girl’s first impression was that Natsumi’s sweatshirt and sweatpants were oversized, but she noticed something suspicious about the pink-haired girl. “Elizabeth,” begins Reika. “Did you see that?” she asks curiously.

“See what?” replies Elizabeth In confusion.

“Did Natsumi seem a little… Different to you?” asks Reika.

“Well, she didn’t seem so cranky today. Maybe Hakuro talked to her and she’s had a change of heart,” hypothesizes Elizabeth.

“No, not that,” replies Reika casually. “I think Natsumi’s gained a little weight,” she says.

“Huh!?” says Elizabeth, looking surprised. “She didn’t look like it to me. I noticed that she was wearing those sweats on a warm day like today, but they could have been just a large size for her,” she explains.

“Well to me, at least, it looked like she’d gotten a bit of a belly. Plus, her butt looked a little bubblier. I seriously think that Natsumi’s getting fat,” concludes Reika. “What do you think?”

“Ummm… I don’t know,” answers Elizabeth looking puzzled. “Maybe wearing sweats just made her look like she’s gained weight,” she guesses. “I wouldn’t think too much about it. Anyway, time to relax in the hot tub.”

While walking along with Elizabeth, Reika remains in deep thought about her observation of Natsumi and the possibility that the pink-haired girl is getting chubby. After a moment, she shrugs it off and happily makes her way to the spa with her girlfriend.

"I get uuuuuuup, I get dooooooown. I get uuuuuuup, dooooooown. I get uuuuuuup, I get dooooooown!"

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Disclaimer: This fan comic is based on the comics Chubby Summer and Diet Cruise which were created by LordStormCaller. I claim no ownership of Chubby Summer, Diet Cruise or any of its characters. This fan comic is solely for the purposes of entertainment with no intention for financial profit. I would like to thank LordStormCaller for creating Chubby Summer and Diet Cruise, as well as his other works.

The Sweet (Re)Treat
Chapter 9
A Fan Fiction by hitop211
For LordStormCaller


After the lunch break, Reika and Elizabeth attended the seminar for the B.B.W.M.P.R., where all of the participants shared their photographs and offered suggestions on how they could improve their modeling and photography skills to make them better. They also exchanged ideas on wardrobe attire, as well as background settings to add variety to their photographs. Reika wasn’t sure what to expect from the seminar but after a couple of hours of seeing photographs from other participants, gathering thoughtful ideas for her next photo session, and receiving endless positive feedback about the photographs of herself, she ended up enjoying the time much to her surprise.

Once the participants were dismissed from the seminar, Reika made her way back to her hotel room to wait for her classmate to arrive. On the way back, she looked for Megumi but her friend was nowhere to be found. Without wasting any more time, Reika quickly headed to her hotel room to shower and change out of her swimsuit.

After slipping into some lingerie, Reika put on her bath robe and waited patiently for Elizabeth to arrive while pondering what her classmate would bring for her. “You know what sounds good?” Reika asks herself. “A big slice of pizza… Or maybe a double cheeseburger and fries… And for dessert… Maybe some frosted sugar cookies… Or a hot fudge sundae… And to drink…? A milkshake… Yeah! That all sounds so delicious!” she continues excitedly, to which her mouth begins to water from imagining all of the delicious food.

Then suddenly, Reika hears a knock on her door. She opens it to see Elizabeth in a bath robe standing with two covered plates on a cart. “Hi Reika! Uh… How are you this evening?” greets Elizabeth.

“I’m doing great. Thank you. Well, come on in,” replies Reika. “And thank you for bringing dinner, by the way,” she says happily, seating herself on the couch.

“You’re welcome. It was the least I could do,” says Elizabeth, placing the cart by the couch and sitting next to Reika.

“So what did you bring?” asks Reika eagerly.

“Well, I brought some grilled chicken with rice and vegetables for myself,” begins Elizabeth as she lifts the cover from her plate to reveal her meal, which looked large enough for both Reika and herself. While she knew it wasn’t her dinner, Reika still found the aroma of Elizabeth’s dinner quite appetizing. “And for you, Reika... I brought you a treat…” she says enticingly as she lifts the cover from Reika’s plate.

Reika couldn’t believe what she saw on her plate. It was exactly what she had imagined just a moment ago; there was a large slice of pizza, a double cheeseburger with a side of steak fries, a half-dozen frosted sugar cookies, and a large hot fudge sundae. To satisfy her thirst was a large vanilla milkshake topped with a hefty dollop of whipped cream. “Oh my gosh! Elizabeth… Th… Thank you! H… How did you know!?” she asks excitedly.

“Oh, it was an educated guess,” answers Elizabeth nonchalantly. “Well, I don’t know about you but I’m hungry. Bon appétit!” she exclaims as she begins eating her dinner.

Reika picked up the slice of pizza and takes a large bite, while eating slowly in order to savor as much flavor as possible. After finishing the pizza, she begins eating the double cheeseburger and steak fries all while taking sips of her milkshake in between bites. At this point, Reika’s belly felt nice and full, but she wanted more so she ate the half-dozen frosted sugar cookies one-by-one and finished her milkshake. Reika shifts her eyes toward the hot fudge sundae, and begins eating without hesitation as she tastes the rich blend of ice cream and chocolate fudge.

At the same time, Reika and Elizabeth set their utensils down upon their empty plates. “Mmmm… That hit the spot,” says Elizabeth, patting her full tummy while feeling satisfied. “So did you enjoy your dinner, Reika?” she asks.

Reika leans back on the couch as she places her hands on her stuffed gut. “Mmmmhhh, it was sooo good,” says Reika in bliss, taking a deep breath. “Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I really appreciate it,” she says, to which her belly begins to feel uncomfortable.

“Oh my. Are you okay?” asks Elizabeth, looking concerned. “I mean… You didn’t seem to eat too fast…”

“I guess I just ate too much at once,” explains Reika, patting her soft and round belly.

“Well… Would you like for me to rub your belly?” asks Elizabeth. “It might help you feel better.”

Reika looks into Elizabeth’s eyes for a moment. “S… Sure. That would be great,” answers Reika, feeling surprised. "Here, let me take this off," she says to which she slowly slips out of her bath robe while remaining seated on the couch.

“Here… Just close your eyes, sit back, and relax…” says Elizabeth softly, to which she slips out of her bath robe and seats herself next to Reika as their thighs rub gently together. She reaches her hand over and delicately sinks her fingers into Reika’s soft and doughy flab.

At this point, Reika leans her head back and takes a deep breath as she feels Elizabeth’s hands massaging her belly and ease the discomfort. “Oooohhh… That feels… So nice… That already feels so much better…” says Reika, to which her face turns red as she begins feeling the arousing tingling sensation in her belly. “Please keep rubbing…” she requests with a sigh.

“Sure,” responds Elizabeth, who blushes as she becomes aroused by rubbing Reika’s belly. “So… Uh… Reika… When you found out that this event wasn’t… You know… The Bikini Body Workout at the Maximum Power Resort… I was just wondering… Why didn’t you let either Hakuro or Natsumi know?” asks Elizabeth, whose heart rate begins to increase as she continues feeling Reika’s soft and doughy fat.

“Well…” begins Reika, whose breathing becomes more intense as she feels Elizabeth’s fingers sink deeper into her belly. “To be honest… I wasn’t looking forward to going to the Maximum Power Resort… So it was quite a surprise when I found out that this was the Big Beautiful Women’s Modeling and Photography Retreat… Plus I didn’t expect to see you here… But I’m glad that you’re here… Because I wanted to… You know…” she explains.

Elizabeth pauses rubbing Reika’s belly. “Well, Reika… At college we didn’t get to spend as much time together like I wanted to… But I’m glad that you stayed here… Because now… I can… Well…” she continues.

“Be with you…” says Reika and Elizabeth in unison.

Both girls look deep into their eyes for a moment in complete silence, and without hesitation Reika and Elizabeth kiss and embrace each other with fiery passion. Time freezes around them as they move their lips closer, and without unlocking their lips Reika wraps her arms around Elizabeth’s shoulders while the blue-haired girl caresses her soft and plushy belly. Both girls feel each other’s silky smooth skin of their chubby bodies as they embrace each other closer and maintain their romantic kissing. Elizabeth slowly glides her hands from Reika’s soft and doughy fat to her growing plump rear, to which she begins repeatedly grabbing gently. At this moment, Reika leans her head back and takes a deep breath while Elizabeth begins kissing Reika’s neck. As Reika exhales a long sigh of pleasure, she receives a long and deep kiss from Elizabeth. Both girls look into each other eyes.

“Elizabeth,” begins Reika softly. “For some time, I’ve wanted to tell you how I feel about you. I’d never had the chance to say to you how grateful I am to have you bring me donuts every day at college. That was so sweet of you,” she says smiling.

“Reika,” says Elizabeth quietly. “I made those donuts for you because you’re the only one who would accept my offer to eat them,” she explains. “Also, I’m sorry that I couldn’t spend more time with you while we were at college. All that slimming pill did was just hide my insecurities, and it wasn’t even worth taking if it kept us apart.”

“Elizabeth… It’s okay. I forgive you,” says Reika, looking passionately into Elizabeth’s eyes. “Now we have all the time to spend together. I used to like your body when you looked thin… However… I prefer you chubby now,” she says, gently grabbing the blue-haired girl’s flabby belly which causes her to giggle.

“Reika, you’re so sweet,” says Elizabeth. “I know that you’ll be the only who will eat my donuts, so from now on I’ll continue to make them for you… Because I care about you, Reika,” she concludes with a smile.

“Thank you, Elizabeth,” says Reika. “I’ll make sure that nobody ever teases you or makes fun of you for your appearance… Because I really care about you too, Elizabeth,” she says lovingly.

“Oh, Reika…” says Elizabeth affectionately, to which she and Reika continue passionately kissing and embracing each other.

As Elizabeth gently sinks her fingers into Reika’s round belly and caress her soft and doughy fat, her phone chimes to indicate a text message to which both girls immediately end their romance for the evening. Elizabeth reads the message to which she huffs and rolls her eyes. “Ugh… You’re kidding me…” she says to herself grudgingly.

“What is it?” asks Reika curiously.

“Becky wants me back in my hotel room right now,” explains Elizabeth annoyed. “And just when it was getting good…”

“Well, we can always finish where we left off tomorrow,” says Reika seductively. “You’d better get going.”

“Alright. I’ll see you in the morning,” says Elizabeth, looking into Reika’s eyes.

Elizabeth gives Reika a goodnight kiss on the lips before she departs from the red-haired chubby girl’s hotel room.

With the room to herself, Reika romantically sighs and places her hands on her stuffed round tummy. She gazes upon her massive belly which rests on her lap, and begins gently rubbing as she feels content with her fat body. Thinking about her new girlfriend, Reika smiles lovingly while patting her jiggling belly. As her eyes become heavy, Reika yawns and slowly makes her way to her bed where she tucks herself under her covers and drifts off to sleep.

"Down at the edge, round by a corner. Not right away, not right away. Close to the edge, down by a river. Not right away, not right away."


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